Our Artists

The Krause Gallery offers you works of art by selected and well-known Czech and Slovak artists. The Krause Gallery specializes in artists of the present and recent past.
Our artists are all masters of their craft. Their works of art and works of art will inspire you by their high creative power, creativity and expressiveness.
To learn more about our artists and their works, choose an artist. Here you will find a short CV for each of our artists and their works of art, paintings, sculptures, glass sculptures, lithographs or etchings exhibited by us.

Jiří  Anderle

Jiří Anderle

Painter, Graphic artist

Adolf  Born

Adolf Born

Painter, Graphic artist, Illustrater, Filmmaker

Albín  Brunovský

Albín Brunovský

Painter, Graphic artist, Illustrater

Karel  Demel

Karel Demel

Painter, Graphic artist, Illustrater

Bohumil  Eliáš

Bohumil Eliáš

Glass artist, Painter

Emil  Filla

Emil Filla


Eva  Hašková

Eva Hašková

Graphic designer

Josef  Istler

Josef Istler

Painter, Graphic artist

Ota  Janeček

Ota Janeček

Painter, Illustator

Jiří  Kolář

Jiří Kolář

Visual artist, Poet

Oldřich  Kulhánek

Oldřich Kulhánek

Graphic artist, Illustrator

Michal  Novák

Michal Novák

Painter, Graphic artist, Illustrator

Marina  Richterová

Marina Richterová

Graphic designer, Painter, Illustrator

Alena  Synková

Alena Synková

Paintress, Sculptor

Jan Tichý

Jan Tichý


Katarína  Vavrová

Katarína Vavrová

Paintress, Graphic artist