Painter, Graphic artist, Illustrater, Filmmaker

Adolf Born

Adolf  Born


Adolf Born was born on 12 June in 1930 in the town of České Velenice . In 1935 the family moved to Prague. 

During 1950-55 he studied at the school of Applied Art in the Prague Department of Cartoons and Newspaper Drawings, headed by Prof. Antonín Pelc. 

He first became known to the public as a cartoonist. He published his humorous drawings in all the important magazines and participated in group exhibitions and caricature exhibitions, from some of which he brought back prestigious awards. In 1974 he was proclaimed “The Cartoonist of the Year” in Montreal, Canada. The censors prohibited the publishing of his cartoons in 1973. Then he devoted more of his time to animated films, book illustrations and graphics. He merged graphics with cartoons and so he arrived at a new artistic expression. His cosmopolitan humour, his selection of topics rooted in the history of his country (Austro-Hungarian monarchy or the Rudolfinian period) and finally his special world of animals makes him famous all over the world.

Adolf Born died on 22  May  2016.




1959 - Praha, Galerie Fronta

1963 - Náchod, Kulturní dům

1965 - Berlin, Club der Kunstschaffenden

1967 - Frankfurt, Club Voltaire, Geneve, Théatre de l’Atelier

1969 - Praha, Galerie Hollar

1973 - Heilbronn, Stadtbücherei

1974 - Sydney, Paddington Hogarth Gallery

1975 - Frankfurt, Galerie 9

1976 - Geneve, La Galerie Challardes

1977 - Brno, Dům pánů z Kunštátu

1979 - Köln, Galerie Wigand, Treviso, Galerie d’Arte Borgo

1980 - Hamburg, Galerie Eppendorf, Mnichov, Galerie Schöninger

1981 - Bremen, Galerie Slavia

1982 - Nürnberg, Galerie Groll

1984 - Luzern, Galerie Ambiance

1985 - Warsaw, Muzeum karikatury

1987 - Vienna, Creditbank

1988 - Paderborn, Městká galerie

1989 - Istambul, Galerie Nev

1990 - Praha, Mánes

1991 - Bergen, Parken Galeri

1992 - Saarbrücken, Filmhaus

1993 - Dillenburg, Galerie Rübezahl


1965 - Leipzig, Gold Medal - Internationale Buchkunst Ausstellung (Illustration book by B. Brecht, Mother Courage)

1966 - Bordhigera, Dattero d’Oro

1969 - Tolentino, Biennale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte

1974 - Montreal - Appointed Cartoonist of the Year

1977 - Montreal - Grand Prix at the 14th International Salon of Cartoons

1995 - Asiago - The Most Beautiful Stamp of the Year (with Marco Polo theme)