Karel Chaba

Karel  Chaba


Karel Chaba was born on 3rd August 1925 in Sedlec.

The painter of Prague nooks and crannies was educated privately. His work was influenced by Marc Chagall and Jan Zrzavý. He never belonged to an artistic movement; His unprofessional training was the cause for the originality of his paintings. Chaba created his paintings of Prague, not as a copy of reality, but his dreams of Prague. Most of the paintings were created in the silence of his studio. Since 1962 he worked as a freelance artist. His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. 

Karel Chaba died on 25th August 2009.



1960 - Praha, Theatre D

1962 - Praha, Fronta Gallery

1964 - Praha, Viola Theatre

1965 - Rotterdam, Boymas Museum

1966 - Munich, Tangente Gallery

1968 - Berlin, Galerie Hammer

1971 - Warsaw, Czechoslovak Cultural Center

1975 - Ascona, Galleria Ticinese

1982 - Písek, District Museum

1985 - Náchod, City Gallery

1988 – Praha, Galerie Fronta

1995 – Praha, Galerie Vltavín

1996 – Praha, Galerie Petr Brandl