Painter, Graphic artist

Jiří Anderle

Jiří  Anderle


Jiří Anderle is born on 14th September in 1936 in Pavlíkov.

He attended the Academy  of Creative Arts in Prague, where  he studied painting under Profes­sor Antonín Pelc and graphic art under Professor Vladimír Silovský. He graduated in 1961. The experience which he gained during his cooperation  with the famous Black Theatre of Jiří  Srnec, with which he travelled  through Europe for eight years  as a mime, had a fundamental  influence on his work - he sees life  and the world as a big stage - Thea­trum mundi .

He has exhibited his works at hundreds of his own and  group exhibitions and won many national and international prizes. He is re­presented inprominent world collec­tions and museums f.e.the Met­ropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the George Pompidou Centre  in Paris.  From 1969 to 1973 he taught at the studios of Professor Jiří Trnka and Zdeňek Sklenář at the Ac­ademy of Applied Art in Prague and  in 1986 at the Summer Academy in  Salzburg.

He lives and works as a freelance artist in Prague.



1966 - Praha, Mánes

1968 - Bienále Danubius

1970 - Bradford, 2. International British Print Biennale

1977 - Cincinnati Art Museum

1980 - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

1983 - Paris, Centre G. Pompidou

1984 - Praha, Galerie V. Kramář

1991 - Kanagawa, The International Prints Exhibition

1995 - New York, Park Avenue Armory

1996 - Düsseldorf, Art Multiple


1969 - Grand Prix - 1. Biennale Internationale de Gravure, Belgium
1979 - 1.Biennale Europeen Graphic - Germany
1982 - Grand Prix - 5. Triennale for Painting - India
1982 - Grand Prix - 2. International Exhibition - Tuzla
1983 - Prize of the Indian National Academy of Art                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1991 - Grand Prix  - 1. Triennale Europea dell Incisione, Udine
1993 - Triennale of European free Graphic, Praha