Glass artist, Painter

Bohumil Eliáš

Bohumil  Eliáš


Bohumil Eláš was born on September 2, 1937 in Nasobůrky.

From 1954 to 57 he attended the High School od Applied Arts of Glassmaking in Železný Brod and from 1957 to 1963 the University of Applied Arts in Prague with Prof. Josef Kaplický. After finishing his studies, he soon became known for his monumental glass sculptures and received many public contracts. His glass sculptures were bought by numerous private collectors as well as museums at home and abroad.

He worked as a freelance artist in Prague until his death on May 21, 2005.

Sculptures & Glass



1984 Tokyo, Gekkoso Gallery

1985 Praha, Galerie Čs. spisovatele

1986 Hamburg, Galerie „L“

1987 München, Glas des 20. Jahrhunderts Frankfurt, Galerie Gottschalk-Betz

1988 Geneve, Galerie Trois, Florida, Habbat Gallery

1989 Haag, Gallery Rob van den Doel 

1990 Frankfurt, Galerie Gottschalk-Betz 

1991 Chicago, Gallery Rob van den Doel 

1992 Paris, Galerie Carpe Diem / Tokyo, Gallery Nakama

1993 Toronto, The Glass Art Gallery 

1994 Hittfeld, Glaskunstgalerie  

1996 Plzeň, Institut francouzské kultury / Ostrava, Nová síň

1997 Pardubice, Východočeské muzeum, London, The Studio Glass Gallery Tokyo

1998 Detroit, Habatat Galleries / Znojmo, Dům umění 

1999 Praha, Mánes, Hamburg, Galerie „L“

2001 Reykjavik, Reykjavik Art Museum 

2002 Weiden, Neues Rathaus,

2003 Biarritz, La Crypte de l´Eglise Saint-Eugénie, Osaka, Gallery Enomoto 

2004 Praha, Galerie Václava Špály

2005 Suvereto, Museo di Arte Sacra, Praha, Galerie Diamant

2006  Permanent exhibition B. Eliáš,  Fortress Lnáře