Zdeněk Janda

Zdeněk  Janda


Zdeněk Janda was born on June 5, 1953 in Louny.

From 1968–1972 he studied with Prof. Vlastimil Květenský and then until 1974 with Doc. Zdeněk Sýkora. Already during his studies, he has developed his special, personal style. It is a kind of fantastic realism, using old master techniques. This technique allows him to express new and current topics in the old way. Janda is also characterized by unique and original frames, which he produces himself and which at the same time form the necessary boundary between the work and the outside world.

Zdeněk Janda lives and works as a freelance artist in Prague.



1984 - Osaka, Galerie Rutzmoser, Kobe, Galerie Rutzmoser
1985 - Sydney, Lebovic Gallery 
1986 - Berlin, Galerie Fahneman 
1988, 89, 90, 94 – München, Galerie Tobermüller
1990,91 – Pfäffikon, Galerie Krause 
1992, 94 – Taipeh, Galerie Dimension

1993 - München, Galerie Nehmann
1995 - Praha, Carolinum, Singapur, Galerie Dimension
1996 - Praha, Galerie Miro

2000 – Chomutov, Městká Galerie

2003 – Příbram, Ernestinum

2004 – Paris, Grand Palais

2006 – Vienna, Pálffy Palace

2008 – Barcelona, European Museum of Modern Art

2018 -2019 - Yu-Hsiu  Museum of Art, Taiwan