Ota Janeček - Painter, sculptor and illustrator

Ota Janeček


1942 Praha Galerie Elan
1945 Praha Posova Galerie
1949 SVU Manes
1950 SCUG Hollar
1953 SCUG Hollar
1957 Cheb, Olomouc, Praha
1962 London Seven Arts Gallery
1967 Berlin Galerie bel ètage, Antwerpen Galerie C.A.W, Austin John Carter Galleries
1969 Galerie Benedikta Rejta
1971 Praha Galerie Fronta
1976 London The National Book League
1977 Münster Sonnenring Galerie
1979 Zürich Galerie T4
1981 Soest Städtischer Kunstpavillon, Tokio Nichido Gallery
1987 Praha Galerie Melantrich
1995 Praha Manes
1996 Ostrava Galerie Marc Chagall


Ota Janeček (1919 – 1996) Czech painter, sculptor and illustrator.
Between 1938 and 1942 he studied at the Technical University and at the School of Applied Art in Prague. In 1943 he became a member of the Manes Union of Artists and in 1945 of the Hollar Society of Czech Artists. In the 1940s he produced a number of paintings of female figures in the style of Modigliani. Later his work became realistic, he made a lot of drawings and illustrations. By the 1950s his work began to show the influence of P.Klee and G.Seurat, which inspired him to create special colour effects. These effects became a permanent feature of his work. Inspired by nature he created the cycles Grasses, Flore and Organism. In his last creative period Janecek arrived at a kind of synthesis of all his cycles and previous themes, which reflected his personal colouring and lyricism.