Eva Hašková - Graphik artist

Eva Hašková


In 1974 Eva Hašková (*4.1.1946) graduated at the Academy of Applied Arts, where she studied under Prof. Z. Sklenář. She then devoted her attention to book illustrations, but later free graphic art began to prevail in her work. In recent years she has occupied herself exclusively within this branch. She uses the intaglio printing technique and colour etching combined with aquatint in various ways. She has held 40 individual exhibitions at home and abroad and taken part in important collective exhibitions in Czechoslovakia and foreign countries. On several occasions she has gained a prize at "The Most Beautiful Book of the Year" competition, including the Arno Sáňka Prize and the prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. At the 9th Biennial in Brno she was awarded the prize of the Vyšehrad publishing house. She also received a Diploma of Honour from the IBA in Leipzig for her free graphic sheets which are based on literary themes. In 1996 and 1999 she received the Award for Ex libris in the VIII. and IX. Triennial of czech Ex libris Chrudim.